Baby Lovie

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Baby Lovie is the definition of adorable! With her afro puffs and color coordinating pacifier, she is ready to curl up next to the new bundle of cuteness in your life for sweet nap time and bedroom dreams!

Customize her to make a truly one of a kind gift that becomes a keepsake for all time.


Baby Lovie is our favorite 1st friend for the new little one in your life! She doubles as baby’s first doll and a security blanket with her 12×12 inch blanket square body. Choose her features including skin tone, facial features, color set and blanket border.

With so many options the possibilities are endless to make a truly one of a kind friend for you or a loved one!


Each doll is hand-made and includes an “adoption” certificate to make the transition from our heart to your home official.


Crochet pattern courtesy of Aniqua Wilkerson.


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