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Welcome Dollface 💋

Dollface Creatiions is the passion project of our founder and owner DaKeia Lathan.

She learned to crochet at 13 under the tutelage of her cousin. Fascinated by the process, DaKeia was a quick study, never using a pattern and memorizing everything as she was learning it. After putting down her crochet needles for some time, DaKeia picked them back up in college making the classic winter hat with pom-pom!

More recently, DaKeia with help from her mother-in-law, learned to properly read crochet patterns and has been on the move since perfecting her craft creating Dollface Creatiions in the process!

“Crocheting has been very therapeutic for me. I have less anxiety, a way to cope with the onset of depression and a chance for a little me time. When crocheting my dolls, I can just zone out. It’s just me, my crochet hooks and voila — Magic Happens! “

–DaKeia Lathan, Owner

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